Freehold Chiropractor explains most auto injuries including whiplash are missed after a car accident

As a chiropractor in Freehold, NJ, I am constantly reading articles, papers and blogs about different topics so I can further share with my community. Today I was reading an article from a fellow chiropractor in St. George, Utah.  His series of blogs covers everything pertaining to car accidents, from whiplash injuries, strains and sprains, typical symptoms with whiplash type injuries, some home care and most importantly why chiropractic is so important with whiplash and other auto injuries.  You can read all about whiplash at his blog:  Your Whiplash Injury

So many people get into car accidents of various severity.   Some are little fender benders and others end up with total destruction of the car.  Important to note is severity of the injuries do not always match the damage to a car.  Even a small 5 MPH bumper hit can cause whiplash and other bodily injuries.  Unfortunately most people will go to a hospital or medical doctor after the accident, and you are told you are fine as the X-rays are normal.  The fact is, hospitals and medical doctors just look for broken bones on the x-rays and miss the most important of the injuries:  soft tissue injuries and spinal misalignment.

Many times, people don’t know they were injured because they have no symptoms immediately after the accident.  Then 5, 10, 20 or more years later, all of a sudden you start to experience neck pain, back pain, headaches or migraines, even numbness and tingling, not knowing what the cause was.  A chiropractor that has worked with car accident injuries can put the puzzle together and show you how it was related to your past accident and treat you properly to correct the underlying cause of the symptoms.

If you  have been in a car accident, whether you are in pain or not, you should go to a chiropractor that has experience with auto accidents and have a thorough chiropractic and neurologic evaluation to make sure no long term damage was done.  It is much easier to take care of the problem immediately post accident versus waiting until you have more symptoms and scar tissue has formed years down the road.

We have 13 years experience treating auto injuries in our Freehold, NJ chiropractic office located in Monmouth County.

If you are in Utah, make sure to look up Dr. Todd Lloyd, DC as he also had many years of experience treating these types of conditions:

Todd Lloyd, DC
Innova Pain Clinic
435 N. 1680 E., Ste. 6C
St. George, UT 84790
(435) 574-9114


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