As I read this advice to United Chiropractic Association members, perhaps someone could explain what the purpose of the UCA is.


This “advice”was posted by chiropractic skeptic Blue Wode on Twitter this evening. Its from the UCA to its members. As one of the founder members of the UCA, I am curious how they square this advice with the original  UCA core values and mission statement which I still subscribe to in practice and on my website. I practice traditional chiropractic, perhaps I the best and last of a dying breed in the UK. If the UCA is going  ignore its core values, surely the chiropractic profession is better served having one chiropractic  association singing from the GCC Hymm sheet, the GCC have articulated UK chiropractic practice and all registered chiropractors have signed up to it. Surely one chiropractic association would be a lot more beneficial to the public, than this divided profession hiding in their clinics, sending out confused messages through their representatives. As so  few traditional subluxation chiropractors in the UK have the courage of their convictions, why continue to “talk the talk”  when you are only going to do it in the company of like minded chiropractors and you have no intention of standing up for what you claim to believe in. Is it any wonder the skeptic community are laughing […]

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