Starting From Scratch


How do you create something from nothing?  Especially when starting a chiropractic office.

It’s a question all practicing doctors have asked themselves at some point.  It’s not the question that gives us the problem, it’s finding the answers.

Check that, it’s finding the correct answers.

With so many things to consider, think about, plan for, save for, organize, purchase, lease, hire, fire, build, learn, implement….etc.  It truly is very overwhelming when starting a business when you have no experience, or have struggled or failed in the past.

Working with and helping doctors, and students in chiropractic college, prepare to open their first business or 2nd chiropractic office, has taught me several things that may help you as you begin your career or start over.

1. Time is a valuable commodity (our only true limitation)

2.You’re not as busy as you think (if it’s a priority, you find the time)

3. You’re not as smart as you think (get help, and don’t act like you know everything)

4.It’s never as hard as others say, except when it is:) (have the right attitude, and ignore the negative skeptics)

5. Your concepts of today will typically not get you where you want to be (continue to seek and grow)

Question:  What does all that have to do with starting from scratch? 

You tell me, look forward to your comments and questions!


Starting From Scratch is a post from: Dr. Jeremy Brubaker


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