As I read this advice to United Chiropractic Association members, perhaps someone could explain what the purpose of the UCA is.


This “advice”was posted by chiropractic skeptic Blue Wode on Twitter this evening. Its from the UCA to its members. As one of the founder members of the UCA, I am curious how they square this advice with the original  UCA core values and mission statement which I still subscribe to in practice and on my website. I practice traditional chiropractic, perhaps I the best and last of a dying breed in the UK. If the UCA is going  ignore its core values, surely the chiropractic profession is better served having one chiropractic  association singing from the GCC Hymm sheet, the GCC have articulated UK chiropractic practice and all registered chiropractors have signed up to it. Surely one chiropractic association would be a lot more beneficial to the public, than this divided profession hiding in their clinics, sending out confused messages through their representatives. As so  few traditional subluxation chiropractors in the UK have the courage of their convictions, why continue to “talk the talk”  when you are only going to do it in the company of like minded chiropractors and you have no intention of standing up for what you claim to believe in. Is it any wonder the skeptic community are laughing […]

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Is There A Real Estate Bubble in Seattle? Inflation and 11% of our Home Equity Says No.

Home prices are on the rise in Seattle, and home buyers who remember the last real estate downturn well are mindful of the possibility of another drop in real estate prices in the future.  So, are we building up to another Seattle real estate bubble?

The most recent data say “No.”  While home prices have certainly appreciated in the area for the past few years, much of those gains were simply due to the long-term necessity of reversing that extended real estate downturn of the late 2000s.  Price appreciation, according to historical data, is the unequivocal course of real estate for the long-term, due in large part to inflation.  

Seattle Home Prices and Active Real Estate Listings, 2004-2014

No Seattle Real Estate Bubble

Home prices in Seattle are still almost 11 percent lower than they were at the real estate peak in 2007.  August 2007’s median home price for the city of Seattle was $498,000.  As of last month, our current median was at $444,000.  There’s no rush to get back to those peak levels immediately, but idea that we’re nearing a bubble similar to what we saw in 2007 just doesn’t pan out yet.  

There’s a bigger reason for this, when we look at the long-term effects of the economy.  Inflation makes general consumer prices rise, no matter if the market is hot or cold (we rarely see price deflation in the overall U.S. economy).  In 2007 we saw 2.8 percent inflation.  In 2008, as the downturn really got rolling, we hit 3.8 percent.   The worst economic year we’ve seen in decades saw just a 0.4 percent deflation rate, which was immediately wiped out by 1.6, 3.2, 2.1, and 1.5 percent inflation rates through 2013.

The big picture here?  We’ve probably seen price inflation across the country of around 15 percent since 2007.  Of course, this doesn’t translate directly to home prices, but the overall takeaway should be fairly clear–home prices today are nowhere near what they were during the last real estate bubble.  The situation is vastly different, and while that in no way guarantees a healthy real estate market going forward, it certainly makes the comparisons to 2007 unwise.

See the real Seattle market.  Try The Seattle Homes App.  100% of MLS listings, updated daily.

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Breastfeeding and Chiropractic

Recently, there have been a few parents who have brought their infant children into our office for assessment and chiropractic treatment because the babies were not feeding well or were very fussy when feeding. It is important to stress that chiropractic care is modified for infants to ensure safety and efficacy.

Breastfeeding seems like the most natural thing in the world, but it is true that some children struggle to maintain secure latching, have especially prominent reflux symptoms, exhibit distress when turning to one side only, or have colic and other symptoms. Breastfeeding is often a learning process
for both mother and child. Even though it may be difficult, breastfeeding is considered so important for baby’s health that it is worth getting to the cause of why breastfeeding is difficult, rather than simply abandoning it for bottlefeeding. Bottle feeding is indeed sometimes appropriate for some families, but it should not be used merely because breastfeeding is difficult at first.

Sometimes your baby might have trouble turning her head to one side because of a simple joint problem in the neck, or because of a tightened muscle on one side, or because of a traumatic birth process. Sometimes children have difficulty latching because of a tongue-tie, neck muscle constriction, or reflux. The baby cannot tell the parent that he is in pain, but parents are always able to tell when something just isn’t right.

Many of these problems can actually be addressed in the chiropractor’s office. Some reflux symptoms can be treated by gently modified chiropractic adjustments to the baby’s midback. Some neck joint problems can be successfully treated by very gently adjusting the baby’s neck or simply applying pressure to certain areas of the body.

Chiropractors have known for decades how effective infant adjusting can be. Now, it appears that some of the evidence is being collected in the medical literature. The evidence is limited, but it points to positive results correlating chiropractic adjustments and improved breastfeeding. There are not yet enough clinical studies to (in research language) definitively show that chiropractic adjustments can help babies breastfeed better, but if you were to talk to the parents of the babies that recently visited my office, you’d hear the same thing.

I’d encourage all breastfeeding parents to read 
the original article. If some of the symptoms mentioned in the article apply to your family and your situation, you may want to consider having a chiropractor assess and/or treat your baby. Please also check out the positive reviews of Johnson Family Chiropractic as written by patients of our office.



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Getting Your Groove Back

After taking a long hiatus from working out, for an injury, illness or pregnancy, many of my patients feel discouraged that they will never “get their groove back” and return to their previous fitness level.  This can create a downward spiral because you don’t feel motivated to get back to the gym, walk or start increasing your activity levels.  However, sitting on the couch because you’re depressed furthers the atrophy of your muscles and cardiovascular system, putting you one step further from your goal.  After all, you can’t do the same exercises or run as far as you used to, so what’s the point of working out anyway?

To break yourself of the cycle of fitness self-pity, start by defining your end goal (running a half marathon, being able to bike for 45 minutes, walking the length of the mall).  After you decide what that goal is, determine smaller steps that will help you achieve it. For instance, you want to bike for 45 minutes and you haven’t been on your bike for a year, you might want to start with cycling for 15 minutes your first day, followed by stretching and using your foam roller to loosen up muscles that have been a bit dormant.  Once you feel comfortable doing the 15 minutes, start lengthening your cycling by 5-10 minutes, as you feel able to gradually increase your fitness level.  The key is slow, steady progress. Not going Olympic the first day and retiring from the activity because you’re so sore or injured from going too far, too fast.

It’s okay to have some mild muscle soreness after starting (or restarting) a new physical activity.  What’s not okay is pain or soreness that doesn’t go away with stretching, icing and rest within 2 weeks. If you keep having discomfort and can’t seem to stretch it away, give our office a call and we’ll be glad to help you troubleshoot what’s holding you back from meeting your goals.

Dr. Erin Ducat is a mother of a 10 month old son and is in the process of getting her groove back too!  If you need help with pain from working out or if pain is keeping you from becoming active, find out more about her Bloomingdale chiropractic practice by going to


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South Sound Waterfront Home For Sale: 6220 SE Arcadia Rd, Shelton WA 98584

Our friend Heidi Gilbert just listed a beautiful lakefront property in the South Sound.  The custom cedar home has a separate studio cabin/guest house, and over 200 feet of waterfront on Forbes Lake.  With over seven acres of land, this property is a wonderful retreat while still being just 20 minutes from Olympia.

Here is the link to the active listing: 6220 SE Arcadia Rd, Shelton WA 98584



A few details:

• 236ft of Low/No bank Forbes Lake Waterfront, SW Facing

• 3044sqft Custom Cedar home

• 1600+sqft completely wrap around covered porch

• 20 skylights throughout Main home,porch & even in garage

• 70″Sony TV upstairs Included in Sale of home.

• New roof

• Newer Heat pump & Furnance

• Waterford Wood stove ( home has 3 sources of heat )

• Kitchen updates with New glass tile backsplash & counters

• Newer appliances – 2 full size ovens ( one is in the Island )

• Upstairs is plumbed for wet bar – by computer wall 

• New carpet & Flooring

• Excellent Fishing lake – has Bass, Trout, Catfish 

• (No public lake access & only 14 homes on the lake.

• 20 Ft floating Dock

• 360sqft CABIN w/Own its Kitchen & Bath

• 7.62 Acres

• 1035sqft Garage/Shop

• Very Large RV Pad – RV Electric hookup & water

• High Speed Internet & Cable available here, in all rooms

• Only 1 mile to Arcadia Point Boat ramp – For Salt Water too

• Owned Propane Tanks 750 capacity (500 & 250)

• Only 20 mins to Olympia

• Private well – Culigan Water filter system in Garage

• Fire pits up by house & down at Lake

• Powder coated custom black iron gate 

• ADT Alarm system


New real estate listings in SeattleDetailed Seattle home searchWhat is my Seattle home worth?

Seattle Homes Group

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Freehold Chiropractor explains most auto injuries including whiplash are missed after a car accident

As a chiropractor in Freehold, NJ, I am constantly reading articles, papers and blogs about different topics so I can further share with my community. Today I was reading an article from a fellow chiropractor in St. George, Utah.  His series of blogs covers everything pertaining to car accidents, from whiplash injuries, strains and sprains, typical symptoms with whiplash type injuries, some home care and most importantly why chiropractic is so important with whiplash and other auto injuries.  You can read all about whiplash at his blog:  Your Whiplash Injury

So many people get into car accidents of various severity.   Some are little fender benders and others end up with total destruction of the car.  Important to note is severity of the injuries do not always match the damage to a car.  Even a small 5 MPH bumper hit can cause whiplash and other bodily injuries.  Unfortunately most people will go to a hospital or medical doctor after the accident, and you are told you are fine as the X-rays are normal.  The fact is, hospitals and medical doctors just look for broken bones on the x-rays and miss the most important of the injuries:  soft tissue injuries and spinal misalignment.

Many times, people don’t know they were injured because they have no symptoms immediately after the accident.  Then 5, 10, 20 or more years later, all of a sudden you start to experience neck pain, back pain, headaches or migraines, even numbness and tingling, not knowing what the cause was.  A chiropractor that has worked with car accident injuries can put the puzzle together and show you how it was related to your past accident and treat you properly to correct the underlying cause of the symptoms.

If you  have been in a car accident, whether you are in pain or not, you should go to a chiropractor that has experience with auto accidents and have a thorough chiropractic and neurologic evaluation to make sure no long term damage was done.  It is much easier to take care of the problem immediately post accident versus waiting until you have more symptoms and scar tissue has formed years down the road.

We have 13 years experience treating auto injuries in our Freehold, NJ chiropractic office located in Monmouth County.

If you are in Utah, make sure to look up Dr. Todd Lloyd, DC as he also had many years of experience treating these types of conditions:

Todd Lloyd, DC
Innova Pain Clinic
435 N. 1680 E., Ste. 6C
St. George, UT 84790
(435) 574-9114


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