Possible Adverse Events in Children Treated By Manual Therapy: A Review

Chiro.Org Blog: Miller and Benfield [16] estimate 1% of pediatric patients (one in 749 treatments) suffered from a minor and self limited AE. A detailed description of the AE allowed the authors to review and classify them. Based on their analysis, three of the events attributed as AE may have been incorrectly attributed as a result of treatment (i.e. pre-existing constipation, common behavior of child, etc.). If these are excluded, the AE rate becomes one reaction per 1310 treatments. […]

Source: http://chiro.org/wordpress/2014/05/28/possible-adverse-events-in-children-treated-by-manual-therapy-a-review/

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Was Jack LaLanne a chiropractor?

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I was not aware of this but famed fitness proponent Jack LaLanne was in fact a chiropractor. His curiosity about the inter-working of the muscles of the body lead him to attend Oakland C.C. in the early ’40′s. Following graduation Jack was actively operating the first modern health spa using his […]

Source: http://chiro.org/wordpress/2014/03/04/was-jack-lalanne-a-chiropractor/

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A Randomised Controlled Trial of Preventive Spinal Manipulation With and Without a Home Exercise Program For Patients With Chronic Neck Pain

Chiro.Org Blog: This study hypothesised that participants in the combined intervention group would have less pain and disability and better function than participants from the 2 other groups during the preventive phase of the trial. This hypothesis was not supported by the study results. Lack of a treatment specific effect is discussed in relation to the placebo and patient provider interactions in manual therapies. Further research is needed to delineate the specific and non-specific effects of treatment modalities to prevent unnecessary disability and to minimise morbidity related to NCNP. Additional investigation is also required to identify the best strategies for secondary and tertiary prevention of NCNP. […]

Source: http://chiro.org/wordpress/2013/12/25/a-randomised-controlled-trial-of-preventive-spinal-manipulation-with-and-without-a-home-exercise-program-for-patients-with-chronic-neck-pain/

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The Comparative Effect of Episodes of Chiropractic and Medical Treatment on the Health of Older Adults

Chiro.Org Blog: This study provides evidence of the comparative effectiveness of chiropractic care relative to medical-only services on the functional health of older adults during acute episodes of back care. Our results are the first to show the importance of examining chiropractic use within an episode of care in traditional practice settings, rather than focusing on visit frequency alone. Moreover, we evaluated the effects of the treatments received during the episodes on ADLs, IADLs, and LBFs, which are critically important measures that inform patients, clinicians, and payers about the benefits and harms of certain treatments relative to others. Given the literature supporting a minimally effective chiropractic treatment level for back problems, this research provides additional support that such therapeutic levels are indeed beneficial in terms of protecting older persons from functional declines and self-rated health over as much as 2 years. […]

Source: http://chiro.org/wordpress/2014/04/10/the-comparative-effect-of-episodes-of-chiropractic-and-medical-treatment-on-the-health-of-older-adults/

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Treatment Preferences Amongst Physical Therapists and Chiropractors for the Management of Neck Pain: Results of an International Survey

Chiro.Org Blog: This survey indicates that exercise and manual therapy are core treatments provided by chiropractors and non-American physical therapists. […]

Source: http://chiro.org/wordpress/2014/03/30/treatment-preferences-amongst-physical-therapists-and-chiropractors-for-the-management-of-neck-pain-results-of-an-international-survey/

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The Collateral Benefits Of Having Chiropractic Available In A Public Central Hospital

Chiro.Org Blog: The objective of this paper is to show that improved management of muscular and skeletal problems within a hospital setting depends on the availability of chiropractic health care as a treatment option. A majority of pain patients, after being subjected to traditional conservative treatment, usually over a period of several years, fail to return to work despite younger than average age. The only effective procedures seem to be those of chiropractors. In order to benefit from their particular knowledge, public hospitals need to open their doors to chiropractors. […]

Source: http://chiro.org/wordpress/2014/02/01/19073/

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