Find Your Dream Home Interactively

Ever wish you could plan out your dream home before you set foot inside a community? Well, with Keystone Custom Homes’ new interactive floor plans, now you can! The Pennsylvania home builder recently launched its first six interactive plans.These feature … Continue reading


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Whiplash & Chiropractic

Chiro.Org Blog: Whiplash is an enigmatic injury. We spend billions of dollars each year to treat it. Yet many lawyers, legislators, and medical doctors deny its existence. It affects millions of people around the world, yet research is severely under-funded. It is a largely preventable injury, yet we do little to prevent it. Fortunately, times are changing as whiplash enters a new phase of research and understanding. […]


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Happy Memorial Day, Peoria!

As we celebrate Memorial Day, remembering all those who have died in service of our country, it’s important to also recognize our family and friends from Peoria and Peoria County who have also died in defense of liberty and the American flag. Here is a link, for example, to a website that recounts all the soldiers from Peoria County who had fought in the Civil War.

And to all veterans, especially those who have been served by Johnson Family Chiropractic, we say a very heartfelt “Thank you” and wish you a happy and peaceful Memorial Day.


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