What Will Two Hundred Thousand Buy Today?

Well quite a bit actually, and right now if a person has great credit and a down payment they can buy a dream home for two hundred thousand dollars. The State of Texas has always had more affordable housing, even in the luxury end of industry, but if you take that same amount and try to buy a home in Chicago, New York, or Hawaii, and you will not receive very much for your money. Currently a studio apartment on East 54th street in New York is going for $319,000.00, and that does not include the $568.00 monthly maintenance fees.

Right now a home shopper in the Metro area can find three bedroom two and one half bathroom homes that are new construction from the $121,000.00 range and up. Dual income households can easily afford the monthly mortgage payments, and up keep costs. One problem is that those typical thirty year mortgages are harder and harder to come by today. Most home loan lenders want bigger down payments, and a fifteen-year term. They are still gun shy from the fall out of all those sub-prime loans that were approved in the 2000s.

If you do not mind the commute, some super custom luxury homes, in areas like Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, and Tomball are widely available. The Spring Texas area has been voted one of the most affordable and best places to live by many real estate, and financial publications in recent years. It is perfectly situated for work, outdoor activities, dinning, and entertainment. Add all those previously mentioned attributes to a reasonably, or below market priced home, and you have your own personal nirvana.

Prices remain extremely high in the Galleria, Hedwig Village, Memorial, and Spring Branch area, and unfortunately, $200k is not going allow for the purchase of a mini mansion or personal compound anytime soon. However, looking further west there also seems to be homebuyers frenzy out toward the Cypress, Texas area, and many PGA designed golf courses are popping up out there too.

For persons relocating their families to the Houston Metropolitan area, you will be like a kid in a candy store when you start shopping for a home. The overall lot sizes, options, and amenities in most suburban neighborhoods outshine any state in the Union when it comes to the bang for the buck factor.

Source: http://www.clientsiderealtors.com/blog/what-will-two-hundred-thousand-buy-today.htm

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Central Hypersensitivity In Chronic Pain After Whiplash Injury

Chiro.Org Blog: The authors found a hypersensitivity to peripheral stimulation in whiplash patients. Hypersensitivity was observed after cutaneous and muscular stimulation, at both neck and lower limb. Because hypersensitivity was observed in healthy tissues, it resulted from alterations in the central processing of sensory stimuli (central hypersensitivity). Central hypersensitivity was not dependent on a nociceptive input arising from the painful and tender muscles. […]

Source: http://chiro.org/wordpress/2013/12/01/central-hypersensitivity-in-chronic-pain-after-whiplash-injury/

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Healthcare Reform: Implications for Chiropractic

Chiro.Org Blog: What follows is information regarding healthcare reform and suggestions for those chiropractic physicians interested in joining the healthcare delivery systems of the 21st century as valuable members of healthcare teams within coordinated care organizations. […]

Source: http://chiro.org/wordpress/2013/12/09/healthcare-reform-implications-for-chiropractic/

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Protect Your Arc of Life


Please join us for the “Arc of Life” Advanced Workshop taught by Dr. Stephen Franson.

When: Wednesday, September 19th at 6:45 PM

Where: At the Cummings Center in Beverly, MA -  Suite 221-E

This workshop is FREE and open to everyone!

Seats fill up fast so, we ask that you please RSVP

on Facebook by clicking here

or call Franson Family Chiropractic at 978-927-8466.




Source: http://www.fransonchiropractic.com/blog/2012/09/11/protect-your-arc-of-life/

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A Natural Edge in Athletic Performance Provided by Chiropractic Explains Freehold Chiropractor

Athletes at all levels are using chiropractic for sports injuries and to recover from the demanding workouts.  Many college and professional teams even have chiropractors on their medical staff to treat patients.  chiropractor freehold A Natural Edge in Athletic Performance Provided by Chiropractic Explains Freehold ChiropractorJust this past football season, athletes were seen being treated by the team chiropractor right on the sidelines.  To the left you can see the Denver team chiropractor adjusting one of the players.

Now, a new award-winning study further confirmed previous studies that chiropractic can also improve athletic performance.  Chiropractic is giving a natural edge to the athletes.

Researchers examined 18 professional Brazilian judo competitors while under chiropractic care.  Half of the athletes received chiropractic adjustments while the other received sham treatment.  Researchers then evaluated athletes’ grip strength using a device that measures muscle force.

Throughout the study both groups maintained their regular workout schedule, but the chiropractic group had substantial improvements in their scores.  After just three treatments, the chiropractic group improved their grip strength by 11% on the left side and 17% on their right, while athletes in the sham treatment group had only improved by 4-6%.

This study is more evidence that chiropractic improves nervous system functioning, which in turn strengthens muscles.  Other studies and researchers report improved reflexes, flexibility, range of motion, breathing capacity, postural strength and coordination.

Chiropractic keeps your nervous system working efficiently and that is what plays the vital role in all the edges it provides the athletes in improving peak performance, chiropractor freehold A Natural Edge in Athletic Performance Provided by Chiropractic Explains Freehold Chiropractorinjury prevention and facilitating recovery.

Many pro athletes are speaking about the benefits of chiropractic:

Lance Armstrong said “The Chiropractor is the most important person on the team staff.”

One of the greatest boxers of all time, Holyfield remarks, “I have to have an adjustment before I go into the ring.  The majority of boxers go to get that edge.”

Recently NBA MVP Derrick Rose credited chiropractic for getting him back on the court after suffering with back spasms.

From the worlds fastest man, Usain Bolt, to Roger Craig, Jerry Rice, Emmit Smith, Tiger Woods, Aaron Rodgers, Olympian Dan O’Brien, Mark McGwire, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones Jr, Wayne Gretzky, Billy Jean King, John McEnroe, Mary Lou Retton, Bruce Jennor, Jimmy Connors, Dan Marino, Warren Moon, Jack Dempsey to Michael Jordan just to name a few have all been under regular chiropractic care.

chiropractor freehold A Natural Edge in Athletic Performance Provided by Chiropractic Explains Freehold ChiropractorYou do not have to be a professional athlete to benefit from the edge it can provide you too.  Chiropractic is great to improve your work outs, athletic performance, injury recovery and promoting healthy lifestyles and habits.  If you are ready to receive the best care that pro athletes utilize, contact a local chiropractor.

Dr. Russell Brokstein, DC is owner of Hometown Family Wellness Center in Freehold, NJ.  He has been in practice for 13 years and has worked on all levels of athletes from grade school to professional level and retirees who still get to enjoy their recreational sports while under chiropractic care.  Call our office today to see how we can help you at 732-780-0044.  Find out more information about chiropractic by clicking here:  www.chiropractorfreehold.com

Botelho MB, Andrade BB. Effect of cervical spine manipulative therapy on judo athletes’ grip strength. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2012;35(11):38-44.

Source: http://www.chiropractorfreehold.com/a-natural-edge-in-athletic-performance-provided-by-chiropractic-explains-freehold-chiropractor/

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