The Prevalence and Progression of Neck and Back Pain in Children Over Time

Chiro.Org Blog: It is well known that back pain (BP) is a common and costly problem in the general population. Previously, BP in children was considered rare and a sign of a potentially serious disorder [1,2]. Today, according to a recent systematic review, the general opinion would be that BP, including low back pain (LBP), mid back pain (MBP) and neck pain (NP), starts already early in life to accelerate during the early teens up till early adulthood [3] and that its presence in young age is a precursor for BP also in adulthood [4].


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Pinecrest Council OKs Red Light Cameras

Last Tuesday, Pinecrest Council members voted to use red light cameras at four intersections on US-1. The cameras will be in the northbound lanes on US-1 and SW 88 St, SW 112 St, SW 128 St and Daytran Drive. A $158 fine will be issued by mail to violators.

The program will be put into effect only if it passes a final approval at a second meeting slated for September. The intention is to make the City safer by deterring people from running red lights, knowing they can be caught even without an officer to stop them at that moment. Stay tuned to see if this goes into effect.


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Portland Real Estate Market Update

40+ Offers on this Home!

40+ Offers on this Home!

When the Portland Business Journal’s January 2013 Case Shiller Index headline is, “Housing recovery starts to look like a boom,” y’all better be paying attention.  Long the messenger of doom and gloom Portland’s 8.3% year over year increase is something that’s hard to ignore.  That said, the Portland index slid a little between December and January.  The .55 point drop is expected during the winter  months and small compared to December 2012- January 2013′s 2.8 point loss.  It does look like Portland is poised to finish the usually weak winter months in a much better position than we have seen in years.  I’d like to see 5-7% increases as we have to be concerned with creating a bubble if prices rise to fast.  Also see my caveat below.

What does this mean to what we actually see on the streets?  General consensus is that interest rates will remain low and that the Fed will act when unemployment gets down to around 6.5%.  They are continuing Quantitative Easing measures which will help keep rates low.  As the stock markets continue to charge forward, investors start to pull money out of bonds which cause rates to rise.  Huge interest rates are unlikely but in reality rates have little room to go down and lots to go up.

Multiple offer situations aren’t unusual so having your ducks in a row when you’re ready to go is critical.  We’ve got an (under priced) REO property with 40+ offers submitted.  That’s a stark reminder that the listing price has no baring on the selling price. The market will determine the final price.  Though 40+ offers is the exception, not the rule it is a very strong indicator that the real estate investor has returned to the Portland market.  All of these offers are hard money or cash- no financing is being considered, even a rehab loan, as the bank wants as close to a sure thing as they can find.

It’s also worth filing this in the back of your mind: the Oregon Supreme Court is expected to rule on the legality of MERS transfers and that will determine how foreclosures are handled in Oregon.  Banks have started filing judicial foreclosures which are more expensive (for everyone) and take longer.  This has caused the percentage of REO sales in the market to decline and as they are typically lower priced properties the average price has increased.  When those properties start coming to market we may see a decrease in average price even if the quantity of sales stays high or increases.  I do not believe that banks are sitting on sell-able properties.  Those in the shadow inventory have some sort of issue.

Since I was remiss in posting about the February RMLS Market Action let’s make note here that inventory dropped to 4.5 months and the February 2013 closed sales we more than we’d seen since February 2008.


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Trends in the Use and Cost of Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Under Medicare Part B

Chiro.Org Blog: Chiropractic claims account for less than 1/10th of 1% of overall Medicare expenditures. Allowed services, allowed charges, and fee-for-service payments for chiropractic spinal manipulation under Medicare Part B generally increased from 2002, peaked in 2005 and 2006, and then declined through 2008. Per user spending for chiropractic spinal manipulation also declined by 18% from 2006 to 2008, in contrast to 10% growth in total spending per beneficiary and 16% growth in overall Medicare spending.


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Home Sales Decline While Prices Rise

Existing home sales dropped 1.2 percent in June according to a recent release from the National Association of Realtors. The median sale price of existing homes, however, continued a double-digit increase for the seventh straight month. The national median existing … Continue reading


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Is it me or should we be telling chiropractors to set their standards of care at 40 PVA


Just to clarify a few things for all the skeptics visiting the site to see this posting. I am a qualified chiropractor and as I have put it up I can say  its not what I would call typical chiropractic. It American sales techniques which have infiltrated chiropractic in Europe in  recent years. Yes a minority of chiropractors do use these techniques in the UK and since this started I and many chiropractors have  spoken out against the practice and if we make the public aware, it will stop. For Skeptics to suggest this is how all chiropractors practice is untrue, but skeptics often ignore truth for a good Tweet. In my opinion getting chiropractors to think like this is what has caused most damage to the profession in recent years. Where traditionally chiropractors focused on being great adjusters now its the numbers. According to Bob Hofman  in this video average chiropractors only see their patients 19 times a year, the elite at the Masters circle manage to see them 40 times. Perhaps thats how a good prostitute in Amsterdams red light district operates. Fucking the patient each week is better for everyone, they feel better and  she makes more […]

Chiropractic Live – Resisting the Medicalisation of and Promoting Chiropractic Care


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