Your Chiropractor Shares Tips For Cleaner Air: Michigan City, IN

Environmental concerns are on the rise. Recycling, carpooling and conserving natural resources are all at the top of the list as far as improving the quality of our own lives and of Earth. It can be a real challenge to consider that the seemingly miniscule choices we make each day can have far reaching impact, even reaching generations ahead.

So, what can you and your family do to improve the air quality in your pocket of the world?

Warm weather means grilling out for many of us. Instead of using charcoal in your grill get a propane or natural gas grill that burns cleaner. As far as your food is concerned, you won’t be eating the same amount of carcinogens that charcoal leaves on your food so you’ll be healthier and the air will be cleaner.

Program your thermostat. It may mean dressing a little warmer in the winter and a little cooler in the summer. Keeping your thermostat set at 78 in the summer and 68 in the winter means less energy you’re using and that equates with cleaner air. Some home units allow you to control rooms individually so you can adjust them based upon when you’re home and when the rooms are being used.

Add insulation. Adding insulation to your home and even your hot water heater will make it more energy efficient and that in turn means less air pollution.

Walk. If you have access to public transportation, can ride your bike or are close enough to walk then leave your car at home and use your other transportation options. Your chiropractor will tell you that walking is good for your health, including your back pain and neck pain so take advantage of the benefits of your own two feet and enjoy the warmer temperatures at the same time.

Making an impact in your neighborhood, city and even the world is really easier than you may think. Changes sometimes happen slowly but without individuals committing to make changes happen, there really is little hope for making the world a better place to live. It really does start with people just like you.


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Parker University president to present Annual Joseph Janse Lecture

The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB) selected Parker University President Brian McAulay, DC, to present the Annual Joseph Janse Lecture during its 87th Annual Congress Conference held May 1-5.


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Chiropractors Endorse Sun Safety: Jeffersontown, KY

While it may not be expected to get a sun safety lecture from your chiropractic specialists and instead address neck pain and posture, truly every healthcare professional should be concerned about being safe in the summer heat and sun.

Here are some tips to practice this summer (and some all year around) for good health in the summer heat and sun:

Apply sunscreen. Whether it’s cloudy, snowy or hot and sunny sunscreen is a necessity. The harmful UV rays penetrate cloud cover to damage our skin, so don’t be fooled into thinking you’re safe outdoors just because it’s cloudy. If you’re wearing long sleeved clothing, that will do the trick, but any exposed skin should have a layer of sunscreen applied. And if you wear a daily moisturizer check to see if it has sunscreen added, that may be enough to keep your face protected.

Stay hydrated. Especially in hot weather, it’s vital to stay hydrated with water, preferably. Water helps maintain a level of hydration, can keep your body temperature lowered (if you’re drinking cool/cold water) and a good level of hydration is good for your muscles, preventing cramps and maintaining hydrated muscles.

Alternate shade and sun time. Even if you’re wearing sunscreen, extreme heat and sun can take a toll on your body. If you can, alternate time outdoors in direct sunlight with time indoors, in the shade or in an air conditioned area. This can make your time spent outdoors more enjoyable and less taxing. If you have children in the sun, take extra precautions as their small bodies and fair skin can react more readily to extreme heat and sun.

Wear light colored and loose clothing. The darker your clothing is, the more direct sunlight it attracts, making your a target for more of that sun love. And wearing tight clothing only makes your body work harder to cool down. So, wear light colored loose fitting clothing when you know you’ll be outside in hot weather for an extended period of time.

It’s important to protect your skin year around. Monitoring how much time you spend outside and in direct sunlight can be a good habit to develop no matter what your age or gender.


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Issaquah Real Estate Prices Up 13%: Median Home Sale $530,000

The most recent data for home sales in Issaquah points to a market that is on a healthy path to recovery.  As sales continue to rise and marketing times shrink, home prices are showing year-over-year appreciation that we haven’t seen in over 6 years.

The median price of a house sold in Issaquah in April was $530,000.  That number bumped up from March’s median of $504,500, a 5 percent increases.  We usually see increasing prices as late spring and summer real estate sales pick up, but the long-term trend shows more than just a cyclical gain.

Issaquah real estate homes

The median price of an Issaquah house just one year ago was $467,500.  During the last 12 month period, the local market saw a 13.4 percent gain in median prices, a very healthy year-over-year increase.  

This certainly doesn’t mean that every home in Issaquah has gained 13 percent in value.  Some parts of the market are healthier than others, and there are also shifts in the buying demographic.  These statistics only cover single family houses and townhomes, while condos can be a more erratic measure of local values.

There has also been a shift away from distressed properties:  foreclosures and short sales.  Those sales in past years had been a larger part of the market and their lower price points, though due to inferior quality in many cases, pushed the median price point down in Issaquah.

In other words, while we are definitely seeing values increasing in Issaquah, part of that is due to true real estate appreciation, and part is due to a shift in the structural buying patterns of consumers in the area.  As more home buyers at the upper end of the market get back into buying real estate, we’ll continue to see strong appreciation numbers like these.  The current trend points to a likelihood of Issaquah real estate prices rising throughout 2013.


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Clinical Disorders and the Sensory System

Chiro.Org Blog: This chapter describes those sensory mechanisms, joint signals, and abnormal sensations (eg, pain, thermal abnormalities) that have particular significance within clinical diagnosis. The basis and differentiation of pain are described, as are the related subjects of trigger points and paresthesia. The chapter concludes with a description of the neurologic basis for the evaluation of the sensory system and the sensory fibers of the cranial nerves.


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