Scheming politician to represent chiropractic at London Olympics, does Peter Dixon still practice chiropractic?


Is it any wonder the chiropractic profession is made look bad when the scheming politician Peter Dixon, is selected as a member of the central medical team at the London Olympics.  I was recently invited by Sports physiologist Lars Mickaelsik to spent the  day observing Brazil and Norways training camp at the Olympic park which was fascinating to see teams still using the type of warm ups and cool downs I pioneered in the 80s which were completly new at the time. Unfortunately due to my ongoing  treatment for cancer I have not  the time to get involved in Olympic preparations, despite a number of requests.  My involvement in the preparation of Danish athletes for LA and Seoul Olympics gave me  unique experience as to the performance support elite athletes require at this level, however no one asked my opinion on Peer Dixons appointment, no doubt knowing what I would say.   Athletes want chiropractors with clinical expertise and experience of elite sport, not clowns who spend their days scheming giving jobs to the boys up at the GCC. I guess these are the rewards for being part of the establishment and kissing the right arses. A successful team will have a performance […]

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