Freehold NJ Chiropractor Reviews Why Protecting Your Feet Protects Your Entire Body



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Houston: Looking to 2012

Did Houston have a picture-perfect 2010? Well, not exactly, but there are more than a few reasons to look forward to what the Houston real estate market has to offer in 2012.

Houston in 2012 will enjoy a stronger real estate market, thanks to steady increases in the energy-related job market. It was this market that kept real estate agents busy leasing commercial property and showing homes to relocating individuals.

Housing in Houston in 2012 may see about a 5-percent increase as we head into the upcoming year, and the median price of a Houston home is expected to increase from 2 to 3 percent this year. Although these numbers are lower than what we may expect historically, they are still showing a steady growth in the Houston housing market.

Foreclosures in Houston

Since 2010, foreclosure postings and actual foreclosures have declined, and most real estate experts expect these declines to further accelerate in 2012. These declines are likely attributed to the tight lending standards that took place starting in 2009. It is also likely that the financial industry has finally started to make headway in their backlogs of foreclosures resulting from the recession.

It is clear that in order to begin seeing a turnaround in the real estate market lenders must deal with the foreclosure problem, which has been a strain on the industry since 2009. It is also important to understand that lenders will experience issues now for foreclosures that occurred three years prior, meaning that they are just now facing the music from the steep increase in foreclosures in 2009.

Home Loan Lending in Houston

The national mortgage market is still expected to decline in 2012 about 25 percent, although the large markets in Texas, such as Dallas and Houston, are expected to outperform national averages due to the strong job markets found here.

Houston continues to experience increases in its energy sector, which always buoys along the real estate market.

There are plenty of good reasons to look forward to a healthy real estate market in Houston in 2012, so many real estate experts will be keeping a close eye on this market in the months to come.


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Balance and Moderation

Moderation is key.

This is a primary message of chiropractic, and the basic principle I (attempt to) practice every day in the chiropractic office and in my life.

We know that extremes can be dangerous to the human body. Overly intense exercise can be counterproductive; no exercise can lead to obesity, degenerative disc disease, congestive heart failure, and other conditions. Taking fifteen or twenty medications can have unintended side effects and interactions; taking no medications may be dangerous if medications are required for your condition. Sleeping 20 hours a day will disrupt your metabolism and weaken your muscles; sleeping 3 hours a day will disrupt your metabolism and cause extreme stress. Overeating will stress your body and possibly cause diabetes; undereating will stress your body and possibly cause your body to begin consuming itself for fuel.

Moderation is key. Moderate exercise, three times a week. Taking medications when required. Sleeping 7-8 hours a night and waking well-rested. Eating a moderate amount of food for a moderate number of meals.

If you wish to live a truly healthy life, you do not need eight gym memberships and only the finest nutritional supplements. It means living in moderation, walking, drinking enough water, eating whole foods and supplementing when necessary. It means listening to your body. It means visiting the chiropractor when your body is in need. Chiropractic puts nothing into the body nor removes anything from the body: it is a moderate course of action.

It is much easier (and cheaper) to live a balanced life than it sometimes appears.

But if your life is currently out of balance, it may take some effort to regain that balance. The video below features Nigel Marsh, who discusses a few observations that he has made regarding work-life balance and what it means to him to have a truly healthy life.


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Wear and Tear Happens explains Freehold Chiropractor

Every day I hear patients explain to me that they have pain and they don’t know how it happened.  Many medical doctors explain to their patients  that they have arthritis that has formed in their spine and other joints.  The patient is concerned with how it got there, but most doctors say it’s part of aging.

As a chiropractor in Freehold, NJ, it is important for the public to be educated on how this happens.  Seeing people from all over Monmouth County, NJ in the towns of Marlboro, Howell, Colts Neck, Jackson, Morganville, Freehold and Manalapan, NJ, they always ask:  Is it from the stress of their work?  From playing golf for 20 years?  Sitting at desks in school for years on end slouching?  Or maybe the car accident many years ago?

The answer is.. it is more likely to be from the accumulative affects of all of these stresses to the body.  From the time you are born, the medical doctors pulls and twists your neck and shoulders to deliver you.  Then as an infant you start to learn how to walk… how many times do you think you fell?  Do you have brothers or sisters?  If so, did you wrestle or trip each other as a joke?  As you get older you sit in classrooms with bad postures or carry backpacks that are too heavy for the spine.  Did you play any sports and take a hard fall or tackle?  Think of the trauma of just a little fender bender.  Do you carry a pocket book or briefcase on a daily basis?  Have you ever missed that last step or curb?

I think you get the point that every little thing builds up in your body, causing the joints to misalign.  So, the real question with arthritis and spinal degeneration is not what you did, but what you haven’t done!  Joints wear down faster when they are not aligned properly… they are stuck and not moving well.  That’s why it is important to be under chiropractic care to get the joints aligned properly and keep them moving.

A great analogy to consider is your car:  As you drive your car, your wheels become misaligned especially if you hit a pothole or a curb while parking.  If you keep driving with them misaligned, the car starts to pull to one side, the tires wear out unevenly, and other parts of the car start to break down.  You don’t keep driving like that if you want your car to last long enough.  Also, every 3 months or 3500 miles or so we are informed to take the car in for maintenance, oil, lube and filter.  Neglecting your car for this maintenance, you will build up expenses to fix things and the car won’t last as long as you want, your fuel efficiency decreases, you will have to keep replacing tires, etc.

Some research shows that arthritis starts to form after a joint is misaligned for as little as 2 weeks.  Just like a cavity in the teeth, if it isn’t caught early enough it will progressively get worse.  You know that waiting to fix these things costs a lot more money than if you had just prevented it from happening.

Blaming the activities in your life for arthritis is like blaming the sidewalk for scuffing your shoes.  Everything wears down naturally as we use them, including your spine.  If you focus more on prevention with regular maintenance chiropractic care, you can help slow down arthritis and other forms of wear and tear.  Most people get this concept when it comes to their teeth:  their teeth don’t hurt, but they get their teeth examined one to 2 times a year and cleaned, brush their teeth daily and floss to prevent decay.  If you didn’t do this, teeth would decay as part of normal aging too!  But it can be prevented with proper care.

Well your spine is a dynamic system that protects the most important system of your body.. your nervous system!  Your nervous system controls all functions of your body.  Many activities, stress and nutritional choices affect your spine and nervous system!  Your teeth can always be replaced, but your spine and nervous system CANNOT!

In our office we take a different approach to your health than any other health professional in the area!  As a chiropractor, we make sure your spine is aligned and properly balanced so your nervous system functions optimally.  On top of that, Dr. Brokstein, DC also analyzes your body for stress, adrenal function and the toxicity of your body.  We are the ONLY doctor in Monmouth County, NJ to have state of the art FDA cleared biofeedback to analyze your body for over 160,000 sensitivities and stressors.  We educate our patients on healthy eating, weight loss and exercise.   Prevention NOW is more cost affective and helps avoid harmful drugs that at best just cover up symptoms and surgery.  Don’t wait and get your spine and health checked today!


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Do Not Even Think About Lying On Your Houston Home Mortgage

The Houston real estate market seems to be a lot healthier than the rest of the United States right now, and people still have their dream of owning a home. There are times when a person wants something so much, they will lie to reach their goal, and that is happening quite frequently in H-Town lately. Apartment dwellers that cannot wait to purchase a stand alone home are being very bold in they way they fill out their home loan applications, and this is going to cost them dearly if they are successful in obtaining a mortgage with incorrect data. The mortgage industry as a whole has tightened the reins on approval even more over the last few years, and people are pushing the envelope in what they must do to be approved.

Since most loans are secured with the guarantee of the Federal Housing Administration currently, people inflating their incomes, and having others verify the lies all fall under eye of the federal government. Ten years ago, they could not tell who was lying on the home loan application more, the broker, or the applicant, and the truth is both were doing it without the other knowing. Now more exhaustive background checks are being done on home mortgage documents, and the odds are that you will be doing a few years in a federal prison for what you might have thought was just a little white lie.

It is not worth the few months or even maybe two years of living in a home of your own, to only losing it, and possibly your family, and all personal possessions. This type of crime brings down the full weight of the US District Attorney, FBI, and the Internal Revenue Service on your head. Climbing out of such a scenario and rebuilding your life will take years if not decades.

Do yourself a favor and use the time when you cannot qualify for a home loan, to clean up past credit infractions, get more education for a better paying job, and get that credit score up to 750 if not higher. Staying out of debt will also help in getting to that place you need to be for buying a home as well.

There is a reason there are certain guidelines for mortgage approval, and the lender will know if you fit the guidelines when telling the truth. Dishonesty about income will only help for a few months, because in reality the funds from your real monthly salary will not be able to cover the loan payments anyway.


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