Alliance Injury Treatment Center Springs Road Set To Open November 1st

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Alliance Injury Treatment Center set to open November 1st in Hickory, NC.  This the the second office for chiropractor, Dr. Brad Shook.  Alliance Injury Treatment Center’s website is, and the website provides video information on the advanced services offered by Dr. Shook at both of his clinic locations.

Dr. Shook is originally from Hickory, NC and is a graduate of St. Stephens High School located only a few minutes from his office on Springs Road.  Dr. Shook wanted to return to the area where he was raised and help to local community.  Dr. Shook focuses his practice on spine and joint injuries, primarily on auto accident injuries such as whiplash, disc herniations, bulging disc and other soft tissue injuries from auto accidents.  Dr. Shook has dedicated himself to furthering his education and knowledge of the newest technology to help patients get out of pain fast, and heal with less long-term complications.  Dr. Shook’s Springs Road Chiropractic Clinic in Hickory, NC will have advanced pain relief therapies, rehabilitation equipment, to get patients better fast.

For a free consultation call (828) 441-9488 to see if they can help you get out of pain today.


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