Is it me or should we be telling chiropractors to set their standards of care at 40 PVA


Just to clarify a few things for all the skeptics visiting the site to see this posting. I am a qualified chiropractor and as I have put it up I can say  its not what I would call typical chiropractic. It American sales techniques which have infiltrated chiropractic in Europe in  recent years. Yes a minority of chiropractors do use these techniques in the UK and since this started I and many chiropractors have  spoken out against the practice and if we make the public aware, it will stop. For Skeptics to suggest this is how all chiropractors practice is untrue, but skeptics often ignore truth for a good Tweet. In my opinion getting chiropractors to think like this is what has caused most damage to the profession in recent years. Where traditionally chiropractors focused on being great adjusters now its the numbers. According to Bob Hofman  in this video average chiropractors only see their patients 19 times a year, the elite at the Masters circle manage to see them 40 times. Perhaps thats how a good prostitute in Amsterdams red light district operates. Fucking the patient each week is better for everyone, they feel better and  she makes more […]

Chiropractic Live – Resisting the Medicalisation of and Promoting Chiropractic Care


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