Great Article by George Monbiot in todays Guardian. He could have been writing about the General Chiropractic Council or the CHRE


The article below is from todays Guardian, Skeptics always assumed I was anti GCC because I wanted softer regulation, I am against the GCC because they are another Goverment quango not fit for purpose. Made up of people more interested in their own positions rather than performing the job they have been given.  Before reading the article read how the GCC was reformed in 2009 to be less democratic and maintain the status quo Britain’s shadow government: unelected, unbalanced and unaccountable Democracy itself is being undermined by publicly funded agencies crawling with conflicts of interest and devoid of scrutiny George Monbiot, Monday 12 March 2012 16.27 GMT‘From any single perspective’, Bertrand Russell said, “power always seems to be elsewhere”. This article is about one of those elsewheres. It is about the network of unelected committees, boards and commissions, operating below the public radar, through which governments pursue the aims that weren’t disclosed in their manifestos. The people they appoint are an index to the interests they serve. To list them is to expose the gulf between what a government claims to be and what it is. It would be misleading to suggest that the process I’m about to discuss is new. Blair […]

Chiropractic Live – Resisting the Medicalisation of and Promoting Chiropractic Care


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